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Locum and Agency Management for Pharmacies

Bringing efficiency to the end-to-end process of booking, managing and paying locums directly or via agencies using intelligent software.

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Workflare LAM helps reduce the time spent booking, managing and paying locums by up to 50% and also reduces costs by up to 30% in the long run.

  • Instantly increase direct locum pool by up to 750 locums

  • Single action to post shifts to direct locums and agencies
  • Locum compliance checks
  • Locum invoice management
  • Operational and market insight (coming soon)


Become a direct locum to hundreds of pharmacies and be the first to receive personalised shift notifications. Book and manage shifts and invoices using our user-friendly mobile app.

  • Become a direct locum to 100s of pharmacies

  • Priority shift notifications
  • Shift negotiations
  • Instant shift booking
  • Auto-generated invoices


Workflare LAM improves communication between agencies and pharmacies by automatically keeping both parties informed about new, updated and cancelled shifts as well as available locums thus freeing up valuable time.

  • Access to shifts from multiple pharmacies

  • Instant notifications for new and updated shifts
  • Realtime updates on shift availability
  • Efficient shift booking process
  • Automatic shift notifications for locums

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