Pharmacy Locum Management

Below are some features and benefits that Workflare LAM offers. Sign up today to improve your locum booking and management process.

Increase direct locum pool

  • Instantly add up to 5,400 locums to your direct locum pool

  • Workflare will continually grow your direct locum pool

  • Dedicated branded sign up page for locums (coming soon)

Manage direct locums

  • Invite your existing direct locums

  • Mark locums as "preferred" to received shift notifications first

  • Block locums that you do not want to work in your pharmacy

Manage agencies

  • Invite your existing agencies

  • Mark agencies as “preferred” to received shift notifications before other agencies

  • Block agencies that you do not want to work with

  • Agencies get new and updated shift notifications automatically

  • Increased access to agency locums with the Workflare Agency Marketplace

Smart shift booking process

  • Post shifts to direct locums and agencies in a single action

  • Delay shift notifications to agencies to reduce booking fees

  • Enable instant booking for preferred locums and applications for other locums

  • Book preferred locums (regulars) more often

  • Zero risks of double booking

Get the right locum for your pharmacy

  • Specify compliance requirements for direct locums

  • Regional customisation of compliance requirements

  • Workflare can verify provided information on your behalf

  • Ability to override requirements when posting shifts

  • Match locums to shift requirements (NMS, EHC etc) to improve service delivery

Locum invoice management

  • Customisable invoices to match organisation requirements

  • Easy invoice dispute process (coming soon)

  • Mark invoices as approved or paid

  • Invoice status notifications are automatically sent to locums

  • Export invoice details to accountant/finance team

Operational and market insight

  • Locum spend trends

  • Locum rates trends by region

  • Locum booking frequency to support IR35 analysis

  • Free reports

Pharmacies that use us...
Wilberforce Pharmacy
Lo's Pharmacy
Midway Pharmacy
Exel Chemist

Simple pricing, no
hidden fees

  • No setup fee

  • No lengthy contracts

Basic Plan

£15 per shift

Worked shifts only

Lite Plan

£20 per month*

4 worked shifts per month

* Fee applies per branch

Pro Plan

£40 per month*

Unlimited worked shifts

* Fee applies per branch

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