Match locums and pharmacies with ease

Experience a new way of engaging with pharmacies to fill their locum shifts. Get information on shift status and spend valuable time covering only available shifts.

Increased access to shifts

Get access to thousands of shifts all in one place and easily view and book locums that match the shift requirements.

Instant shift status notifications

Reduce time on the phone by getting instant shift notifications when shifts are made available or updated on Workflare LAM.

Realtime update on shift availability

Spending time trying to fill a shift only to find out it is no longer available? With Workflare LAM, this is now a thing of the past. As soon as a shift you are working on becomes unavailable, you will get notified.

Efficient shift booking process

Book locums in to cover shifts instantly if the pharmacy has enabled this option and save time with back and forth calls and emails.

Automatic shift notifications for locums

Workflare LAM will automatically notify your locums on your behalf when they have been booked in for shifts by your agency. Locums will also be notified if you or the pharmacy cancels a shift they have been booked in for.

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Clarity Locums

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