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Why Workflare?

Below are some features and benefits that Workflare offers. Sign up today to start getting shifts directly from hundreds of pharmacies and GP practices.

Join 100s of organisations as a direct locum pharmacy technician

Become a direct locum pharmacy technician for pharmacies and GP practices and book shifts directly with them. Get shifts from pharmacies first when you are chosen as a preferred locum.

Priority shift notifications

Get new shift notifications first and increase your chances of filling your calendar with the best available shifts.

Shift negotiations

Seen a shift you want but want a higher rate? You can easily negotiate the advertised rate on any shift if the pharmacy or GP practice has enabled negotiations.

Instant shift booking

As a direct locum pharmacy technician, you can book shifts instantly with any pharmacy or GP practice that has this feature enabled. This means there is no need to apply and wait hours or days to get confirmation of your booking.

Auto-generated invoices

Workflare can automatically generate and send an invoice for every shift worked if enabled by the pharmacy or GP practice. You will have the chance to edit the invoice if necessary and will always have access to all invoices for accounting purposes.

Shift reminders

Workflare will remind you when your shift is approaching via email and calendar integration on your phone if enabled. Get automatic directions to the pharmacy or GP practice in Waze, if your calendar is integrated.

Love from locums
We believe we offer the best service for booking shifts as a locum pharmacy technician but don't take our word for it.

The Workflare app is very convenient, simple and easy to navigate. The negotiations tool is particularly useful. I love that invoices are automatically generated and sent out, and also the email alerts for new or emergency shifts. I've come across many apps over the years but Workflare is one of only two I have downloaded on my phone.

- Ann Franks

The Workflare locum app is easy to navigate and has helped me secure numerous shifts. The app has customised features in terms of customising filters such as setting limits on distance, negotiating mileage, hourly rate and it has a helpful feature which automatically generates an invoice once I have completed a shift as-well as notifying me once I have received payment. This app is one of easiest I have used and would definitely recommend to fellow locums to try out.

- Nazrin Karim

The Workflare app has been easy to navigate and the choice of filters allows me to book shifts suited to my requirements. I receive an email confirming the shift and as I have opted in, it automatically logs the shift onto my online calendar.

The pharmacies have been quick to respond to communication and are efficient in paying. Unlike other locum agencies I’m not having to wait 4-6 weeks to receive payment. Finally I’m able to instant book so I’m not on hold and can plan the rest of my working calendar.

- Siama K
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Wilberforce Pharmacy
Lo's Pharmacy
Midway Pharmacy
Exel Chemist

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